Mike Kinney's Viral TED Talk

A Pro Wrestler's Guide to Confidence

My passion is helping people bring out their best selves through their own communication channels by introducing my self-discovery process into the lives of others. I have experience with small platforms, as well as massive platforms such as WWE and TED Talks. I am here to help you effectively craft your messages, personally or professionally, and to support your desired impact. Let ME help YOU turn it up!

"Mike Kinney is a true professional. His eagerness to talk to my summer enrichment class about creative writing and the skills it can give you to be a confident person was priceless. His life experience and education makes his presence in a room unforgettable."

Jason R.
Educator, Hopkins Public Schools

"Having Mike speak to my students was such a treat! He shared excellent insight as to what makes a great TED Talk and shared how to enhance their presentations in general. My students were challenged to implement his ideas, and it made for fantastic results in their presentations."

Traci C.
Educator, Stillwater Middle School

"Mike provided valuable insights to our group on TED Talks generally and also led a discussion around his TED Talk. Mike has maintained the highest professional standards. He has generously shared his time, talents, and knowledge with others. He has been easy and rewarding to work with."

Mary H.
Board Member, TEDx Mahtomedi

"I worked with Mike for 2-3 months in preparation for my TEDx talk, and he was such an engaged coach. He was open to meeting several times and was attentive and engaged throughout each meeting. His feedback was candid, on-point, and so very helpful. In my experience, this is not common. Many leaders shy away from providing candid feedback for fear of appearing critical. Other leaders provide feedback that is overly harsh and unhelpful. Mike strikes that delicate balance. It is a true asset to those he leads. He strikes that rare balance between empathy and strategy."

April S.
Ph.D. & TEDx Speaker


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Mike believes you are more than you think you are, but you have to find what makes you unique and use it to your advantage.


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